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We are an independent game development studio based out of New Hampshire. Our mission is to create exciting games and interactive media for anyone to enjoy around the world.

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Extraction goes open-source

Extraction goes open-source! Our battle royale game "Extraction" is now open-source! Anyone may contribute to the project, adding...

Posted 6 months ago by digital.

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Car Crash Couch Party Release Date!

Car Crash Couch Party has a release date! Car Crash Couch Party - Fogbound's first creation - is slated to be released January 31st, 2018 on...

Posted 9 months ago by digital.

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New Blogging System!

Fogbound now has a blogging system! This system is still being worked on, but it will allow us to post content updates, news, announcements,...

Posted 9 months ago by digital.

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